Metro Exodus Release Second Expansion Pack: Sam’s Story

Jump into the immersive new expansion for Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story, the second expansion due to hit this February. Only a year after we were first introduced to the first person shooter game and of course, to Sam.

Sam, the optimistic seasoned ex US-Marine who previously guarded the US embassy in Moscow (before the events of Metro Exodus) who combined with hope and sheer determination is on a quest to find his way back home.

It is said that Sam’s story will revolve around Sam’s attempt to discover if his family are still alive after learning Moscow isn’t the only city left standing following the war.

Sam must travel across the remains of Vladivostok, visiting the tsunami-ravaged harbours, decomposing residential districts, and wading his through derelict industrial buildings taking no prisoners as he goes.

In order to survive, Sam must utilise every skill and tactic he has gained throughout his journey so far, do you have what it takes to survive?

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Sam’s Story Release Date Revealed

Metro Exodus developers have announced the 11th February release date for Microsoft gaming PC, PlayStation 4, X Box One and Google Stadia.

Sam’s Story will be free to all players who own the Expansion Pack, this will also provide you access to the Two Colonels expansion which reveals the many horrors that occurred in Novosibirsk. For all PC Gaming players without this, you will be able to purchase Sam’s Story for a small cost.

Sadly, Sam’s Story will be the last expansion for Metro Exodus so fingers crossed 4A Games have something up their sleeves for future game releases!