LGBTQ+ Influencer Spotlight

LGBTQ+ Influencer spotlight thumb

Pride Month is the time of year when we all come together to show support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

As a Brand within the gaming industry, we would like to use our voice to shout out a handful of streamers/content creators who make it their mission to promote positivity, inclusivity & diversity within the gaming and LGBTQ+ community.

Julia Hardy

Julia Hardy is a UK-based presenter and is renowned as one of the most respected hosts in the gaming industry. Julia has an impressive portfolio, working with the likes of Top Gear, Grand Turismo, Xbox, PlayStation, The BAFTA & many more!

Julia is a huge advocate for fitness and mental health within the gaming industry, having established her own gaming-themed fitness brand, Game to Train.

Not stopping there, Julia is also one of the most prominent voices in raising awareness for the treatment of women within the gaming industry.

Recently coming out as non-binary, Julia serves as an inspiration to all members of the LGBTQ+ community who are looking to make an impact on the gaming industry. Check out her socials!


Bio: I’m Kyle a.k.a KARAT (pronounced Carrot & my full initials) a LGBTQIA+ 🌈, plant based 🌱 variety streamer, exploring the gaming universe! Join myself and the 24 KARAT Club on this epic adventure!

Kyle a.k.a GoldKarat is a UK-based streamer who specialises in variety streaming. If you like a streamer that doesn’t just stick to one game, then look no further.

His diverse game selection and intelligent use of graphics may draw you in, but the energetic, upbeat personality will keep you coming back for more!

GoldKarat’s dedication to streaming will see him stream almost every day of the week, with special events being a frequent theme in Multiplayer Monday and Subscriber Sunday! Check him out!


Bio: I’m Sammymjay, I’m a Fog Whisperer and a Killer main for Dead by Daylight with a splash of body paint thrown in every Wednesday!

Sammymjay is another UK-based streamer, specialising in Dead by Daylight content. You will often find Sammy playing as the Killer and if you are lucky, you may even catch one of his streams where he plays the part in killer-style body paint!

Sammymjay is also a Twitch Ambassador who positively contributes to the twitch community, promoting open and educational discussions with his followers.

You can catch his streams Monday – Friday, 2pm – 7:30pm.


Bio: Serving fire sign chaotic magical girl vibes. She/Her in Drag, He/Him Out of.

Eevoh is another Dead by Daylight main. Creative and open-minded, Eevoh is accepting of everyone, providing a safe space for people from all walks of life.

Eevoh is someone who never fails to entertain their audience, and his talent for drag is something that sets him apart from the rest, being previously dubbed as the realest queen on twitch!

Check out his linktree where you will find, you guessed it, links to all his active social channels.


Bio: She/Her. Black womanist. Charity + DEI-focused variety streamer. Twitch, LogitechG, & Epic Partner. Black Girl Gamers + Noir Network member. Catch PikaChulita & join the PikaCrew!

PikaChulita who also goes by Pika & Katieshu is a veteran variety streamer who began streaming back in 2014. Catching her streams, you will find her playing all sorts of games from platformers to horror games alike.

PikaChulita is also a member of the award-winning gaming community; Black Girl Gamers. This community’s mission is to empower black women within the gaming sphere, advocating for diversity, inclusion, and equity within the gaming industry.

Check out her socials to find out when she goes live!