Cyberpower UK’s Game of The Month: League of Legends

With the new League of Legends season well underway, we’ve decided to dedicate the Cyberpower UK Game of The Month to this complex, ever-growing PC game. Tactical fun with an increasing pool of dedicated players, League of Legends has gone from strength to strength since its first release back in 2009. Here at Cyberpower HQ, our staff can’t get enough of the adrenaline-fuelled, one-on-one battles that season ten has since brought us.

Keep reading as we take a look back at our PC game of the month through the years, providing a complete rundown on LoL’s (League of Legend’s) epic fantasy-themed gameplay, as well as what gamers can expect from the new season, including new items, elemental buffs and more. 

League of Legends Through The Years

Originally named ‘Onslaught’, after a few internal shifts at Riot Games and funding from angel investors, League of Legends launched in the summer of 2008. Whilst the game initially got off to a slower than first anticipated start, the team worked around the clock to design new characters, implement exciting in-play features and create a mind-blowing RPG with a fantasy-themed focus that gamers eventually became intrigued by. All whilst sticking to the decision to remain a free-to-play game, the LoL concept quickly won the hearts of PC gamers, and Riot Games revenue rocketed, which allowed League of Legends to develop and thrive.

Video Credit: Cussan

Fast forward a couple years, League of Legends is now one of the largest esports in the world, from collaborating with luxury designer brand Louis Vuitton to offer specially designed champion skins, to hosting live playoffs and championships across the globe in over 140 destinations. Where 20,000 players seemed like an exceptional record-high for the game in 2009, the League of Legends saga now has around 8 million gamers playing on any given day in 2020. And whilst this most-loved RPG game continues to explode in popularity, Riot Games have shown their dedication to continuing to improve and enhance League of Legends, as each new season brings a whole host of impeccable reworks and updates to Ryze. With exciting new items, short-stories and a full gamer encyclopedia – the Realms of Runeterra, allowing gamers to explore LoL’s epic lore, the RPG-series shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

League of Legends Gameplay

League of Legends is a MOBA type of RPG game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), where two teams of 3, or 5 players embark on a vicious battle to reign victorious over a chosen map. The main objective of LoL is to destroy the key building in enemy base – the Nexus. Though, reaching the goal is not as simple as it may seem, as this gameplay combines the use of gaming skill and cunning tactics. Players have to keep a close eye on map visibility and enemies who may randomly appear on the frontline, all whilst planning their own strategy to victory. Choose from three gaming modes: Classic, Dominion and ARAM, which all offer up their own unique map features and thrilling gameplay variations. Our staff-favourite at Cyberpower UK, is the notorious classic gameplay, taking place in Summoner’s Rift. This is where the 5v5 games typically take place, and players have a number of strategies to consider. Take a position on lanes to gain vital gameplay experience to build strength, kill hordes of monsters to become equipped with essential early items and build your superiority to defeat all enemy threats to reign superior and force the opposing team to surrender. 

League of Legends Season 10: Key Gameplay Features

One of the more significant, fan-favourite changes of the new season of League of Legends, is the major changes to the Summoner’s Rift. 

Documenting the first visual update since 2014, the Summoner’s Rift provides a new, immersive gameplay experience by offering gamers brand new areas to explore. This large-scale update from the team at Riot Games leaves PC gamers looking to adapt brand new strategies, depending on the type of dragon that spawns at Summoners Rift. 

New elemental dragons have the ability to alter the whole LoL map, depending on whichever dragon players decide to slay. Whilst the Infernal Rift will open up new pathways by destroying terrain and creating a movement across the map, the Cloud Rift will release currents throughout the jungle, which grants users more movement and speed when they pass through the currents. One of the more exciting rifts to look forward to in season ten gameplay, is the Mountainous Rift, as this elemental drake can create new terrain across the rift.

League of Legends Gaming PC

League of Legends is a highly-competitive, fast-paced RPG game of strategy, for those who crave a hard-fought fantasy-themed battle. To experience the dynamic realm of LoL in full glory, as new elemental rifts take centre-stage in season 10, consider investing in a new Gaming PC that is specifically configured to meet or exceed League of Legends gaming expectations. At Cyberpower UK, we use our combined years of building exceptional Gaming PCs to ensure that all of our exclusive, League of Legends custom gaming PCs provide unrivalled gameplay. As this game naturally blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with an RPG gameplay, gamers should invest in a PC system that has the ability to run LoL at an exceptionally fast rate. 

The minimum recommendations for LoL are as follows: 

  • CPU: 3GHz Processor 
  • RAM: 2GB RAM.
  • HDD: 12GB Free Space.
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, or Windows 10.

To exceed these recommended gaming requirements for League of Legends, consider opting for one of our purpose-built systems from Cyberpower UK, such as the LoL Infinity Pro Gaming PC. Designed to go beyond all expectations, from the best sounds and visual effects to incredible storage capability, Cyberpower gamers are also able to configure our custom-built Infinity Pro series to their individual requirements, tailoring everything from CPU cooling systems to gaming cases and more. Simply get in touch with one of our expert gaming engineers to discuss your LoL PC build, or take a look at our easy PC builder online today at Cyberpower UK.