Ubisoft announces For Honor game event: B lades of Persia

Exciting news for Prince of Persia fans! Ubisoft has announced an in game event titled Blades of Persia which features a game more and offers new cosmetics. The cross over event is available now and will be here to play until the 2nd of April.

Ruler of Time (the new game title) allows players to fight with the Prince himself and his sand creature army in Heathmoor.

If you manage to defeat his horde of sand creatures, you will then come face to face with the Prince in the ever changing Harbor Dominion map.

As with most games, it won’t be an easy ride as the Prince will be equipped with the legendary Dagger of Time.

If you’re not familiar with the Dagger of Time let us fill you in…

“More than a weapon, the Dagger of Time is the only container besides the Hourglass that is strong enough to hold the Sands of Time. Whoever wields the Dagger is granted the power to control Time, by using up the Sands within.”—Instructional Manual

So, what else can you expect? Well, apart from the brand new mode, the crossover event allows you to obtain/purchase new Prince of Persia-themed cosmetics. This includes a new customisable menu and items including two new outfits based on Ratash from the Forgotten Sands and Warrior Within Legend Sand Wrath.

Ubisofts for Honor is a 2017 action video, which was released on Microsoft Windows gaming PC, PS4 and Xbox One.