New Nether Biomes revealed for Minecraft

Great news for all Minecraft fans, Mojang has added not one but three brand new Nether biomes in Minecraft: The Warped Forest, The Crimson Forest and The Soulsand Valley.

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Each one of these exciting new territories will be filled with a new material called Netherite which is rumoured to be refined from Ancient debris.

What is Netherite used for?

The latest material to hit Minecraft can be used to upgrade diamond gear, allowing it to be more durable and in turn powerful!

How to get Netherite?

As with many Minecraft materials you can acquire it by mining, once you’ve mined you will need to refine it into Netherite Scrap by using your furnace. 

You’re not done just yet…

How to Create Netherite Ingot?

How to Create Netherite Ingot?

Once you have crafted Netherite the next steps are to combine Netherite Scrap and four Gold Ingots, this will create Netherite Ingo… from there you can turn it into armour.

It’s a longer process but it’s worth it to have powerful armour strong enough to fend off your foes.

The Crimson Forest

So what do we know so far?

Well, firstly the Crimson Forest has been foretold to be a wooden location where you will find an array of vegetation to forage. This includes new Shroomlights which will provide natural light throughout the forest.

Secondly you will also come across a creature named the Crimson Spore which is destined to swirl through the air – as if there weren’t enough creatures to creep us out already.

The Warped Forest

Another wooden forest biomies for us to explore will be enriched with strange vegetation including wrapped fungi.

The warped Forest is set to be one of the spookiest areas drenched in a thick blue fog. Do not let that fool you, despite its appearance it will be the least hostile place within the Nether.

Soulsand Velley

This open space made up from Soul sans and Souil soil will see Basalt pillars span from floor to ceiling.

Fossil remains of creatures we cannot make out will litter the valley and ash will fall through the air making this one of the strangest areas we have seen to date.

Players will come across Skeletons wandering the area and a strange blue glow will cover the Valley.

Excited to discover the new territories as much as we are?

Don’t forget you can download the latest update of Minecraft on your Gaming PC.