The Best Survival Games to Play in 2022

best survival games

Best Survival Games 2022

The survival game genre has risen to become one of the most popular game genres to date. Being thrown into an unknown environment with the objective ‘survive’ has encapsulated gamers everywhere. The genre itself rose to popularity around 2016, with titles such as DayZ and The Forest being the leading players at the time. With huge popularity among content creators for their unique playstyle and the ability to survive in these worlds, not only alone but with friends, made for a rather addicting archetype for gaming. Now we’re in 2022; it’s time to take a look at where the genre is now and what survival games are worth picking up.

No Man’s Sky – Exploration Survival Game

No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated space exploration survival game, and way back in 2013, it was announced taking the gaming world by a storm of hype. But when it came to release day most of which was promised, sadly fell through. The game included only a small percentage of what was promised, which left gamers everywhere disappointed, to say the least. Despite all the negative press the game received, the developers at Hello Games were committed to changing that perception.
With update after update, the game slowly started to resemble what was promised back in 2013. Skip forward to now, and the game has a vast, vibrant and ever-changing world. The previous lifeless, boring planets have now been re-ignited with wildlife, NPCs (Non-Playable Character), dynamic weather and much more. The game now gives the player a genuine want to explore as every world has its own unique feel and challenges.

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Rust – PvP Survival Game

Rust is a game that’s been around for almost as long as the survival genre itself. Although, over the last couple of years has seen substantial content updates and overhauls making it one of the hottest survival games around.
So, what even is Rust? Rust is a multiplayer survival game where “The only aim is to survive. Everything wants you to die – the island’s wildlife and other inhabitants, the environment and even other survivors. Do whatever it takes to last another night. “You collect resources until you’re able to survive, build a base, plant a farm or even raid other players for their loot. Rust is that base building, PVP (Player vs Player) survival game everyone’s playing right now, so maybe you should too.

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Project Zomboid – Zombie Survival Game

Released back in late 2013, the small indie games development company ‘The Indie Stone’ had ambitions for Project Zombiod to be their idea of the ultimate sandbox zombie survival game. (sandbox game: A sandbox game is a video game with a gameplay element that provides the player with a great degree of creativity to interact with, usually without any predetermined goal)
In the words of the developers themselves, “Project Zomboid is the ultimate in zombie survival. Alone or in Multiplayer: you loot, build, craft, fight, and farm in a struggle to survive. Along with a hard-core RPG skillset, a vast map, and a massively customisable sandbox. So how will you die? All it takes is a bite…”
Now in 2022, the game is still in early access, which essentially means the game is in a constant development stage. For years the game would hold roughly 1000-2000 concurrent players on steam. Although, the recent ‘build 41’ content overhaul brought along multiplayer, which has breathed new life into the game, boasting highs of over 50,000 concurrent players!

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Minecraft – Sandbox Survival Game

If by now you haven’t heard of Minecraft, you’ve clearly been living under a rock. And So, if by the slight chance you actually don’t know what Minecraft is, I’ll give you a brief overview. Minecraft is a voxel-based, procedurally-generated sandbox survival game. And what is a voxel game, you ask? A Voxel-based game is essentially a game that uses voxels instead of traditional polygons, enabling a way of illustrating a 3D image without using traditional polygons.
Now, back to Minecraft. The website itself states, “Prepare for an adventure of limitless possibilities as you build, mine, battle mobs, and explore the ever-changing Minecraft landscape.” And this pretty much sums Minecraft up in one. And with constant updates, the game is continually growing and changing at all times, with recent title updates such as the ‘caves and cliffs’ update, which has shot Minecraft back into the spotlight for the world’s most popular games once again.

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