What should gamers expect from Intel 10th Gen?

The market has received another shake-up with the recent release of the 10th Gen processor from the infamous industry-leader, Intel. But from a gamer’s perspective, why should you care, and how will it affect your game? In this article, we’ll give you the complete lowdown on the new processors from Intel and how it will impact your gaming experience.

How to buy a Streaming PC: The essentials you need

Streaming places slightly different demands on your system than gaming does. As well as rendering every frame, your machine will also need to be able to send those frames to the streaming software for broadcast. We’ve listed all the essentials you need to ensure you buy a Streaming PC that will capture your best gaming moments without impacting your gaming experience.

Why do new games use so much hard drive storage?

As technology develops and gaming hardware becomes more sophisticated, developers have to create games to live up to renewed expectations. This means creating gaming experiences and graphics that maximize the capabilities of the most sophisticated gaming hardware systems available.

The Most Anticipated PC Game Releases of 2020

Whilst there are hundreds of expected PC game drops to be excited about, we know that no two gamers are the same, which is why we’ve created the ultimate list of PC games due to be released in 2020, featuring all genres – from VR and FPS, to Open World and more.